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Liver Disease Symptoms
Blood with Vomiting
Black Stools
Fluid in Belly
Stomach Pain
Altered Senses
Bleeding Gums
Kidney Dysfunction
Low Haemoglobin
Yellow Urine
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What our Patients say about their online consultation experience
What is online doctor consultation?
Online doctor consultation or online medical consultation is a method to connect patients and doctors virtually. It is a convenient and easy way to get online doctor advice using doctor apps or telemedicine apps or platforms, and the internet.
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How do I start online consultation with doctors on IHPBLT?
Starting an online doctor consultation is very simple. Follow these 4 simple steps:
• Choose your health concern
• Connect with a doctor within 2 minutes
• Ask your queries to the doctor via audio or video call
• Get a valid online doctor prescription and a 3-day free online doctor consultation
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Are your online doctors qualified?
We follow a strict verification process for every doctor providing online medical services on IHPBLT. Our team manually verifies necessary documents, registrations, and certifications for every doctor.
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Is online doctor consultation safe and secured on IHPBLT?
The privacy of our patients is critical to us, and thus, we are compliant with industry standards like ISO 27001. Rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor is completely safe and secured with 256-bit encryption.
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